Yutaka - Brazasia (1990)

노래는 아주 뜨거운 열대의 바다를 부르지만...
心像은 북극의 차가운 빙하를 떠올린다.

Yutaka Yokokura - Brazasia (Brazasia , 1990)

Long before I can see you I feel you Brazasia
The strong April breeze turns into a warm embrace
Just beyond the horizon you’re waiting Brazasia
For me clouds will clear revealing a magic place

Slice of grey, shade of blue fragrant flowers you do
You’re the way to my heart, the rhythm is silver-lace
Light a candle Brazasia and guide me, invite me
To dance on your shore smile on your shining face.

*) In love with the echo of your laughter
I’ll be happy ever after
Greeting the morning with the sun,
On the adventure we’ve begun.
And there where the day lasts forever
And there where the rain lasts an hour
Where emotions rule the weather
And the moonlight has the power, making laws

**) Mix the East with the South with the sound of Brazasia
You find something sweet a taste that will tantalize.
There’s a time and a season to come to Brazasia
A dream grows so strong, you’re ready for paradise.


[goto *)]

Ba da day, ya da day, ya daaahhh.

[goto **)]

La lie ya, la lie ya, la lie ya, la lie ya, la lie ya, la lie ya, ba da da, ba day ya da (repeat)

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