Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside (2013)

나의 적은 내부에 있다.
외상 후 정신적 스트레스 장애(PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder)

Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside (2013-08-05)


Over and over again
I relive the moment
I'm bearing the burden within
Open wounds hidden under my skin
Pain as real as a cut that bleeds
The face I see every time I try to sleep
Is staring at me crying

I'm running from the enemy inside
Looking for the life I left behind
These suffocating memories are etched upon my mind
And I can't escape from the enemy inside

I sever myself from the world
And shut down completely
All alone in my own living hell
Overcome with irrational fear
Under the weight of the world on my chest
I buckle and break as I try to catch my breath
Tell me I'm not dying

I'm a burden
I'm a travesty
I'm a prisoner of regret
Between the flashbacks and the violent dreams
I am hanging on the edge
Disaster lurks around the bend
Paradise came to an end
And no magic pill
Can bring it back again

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