Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk (1959)

휴양지가면 흔히 들을 수 있는 steel guitar로 연주한 1959년작 Santo & Johnny의 명곡 Sleepwalk.
이들의 가사버전은 끝내 들을 수 없었고, Betsy Brye버전만 있다.

테리 길리엄(Terry Gilliam)의 12몽키즈(Twelve Monkeys, 1995)에서 제임스와 케서린이 필라델파아로 가는 차 안 라디오에서 듣던 곡.

Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk (1959)

Betsy Brye - Sleep Walk (1959)

Sleep walk
Instead of dreaming
I Sleep walk
Cause I lost you
And now what am I to do
What to do.
Can't believe that we're through

Sleep talk
Cause I miss you
Sleep talk
While the memory of you
Lingers like a song
Darling, I was so wrong

The night
Fills my lonely place
I see your face
Spinning through my brain
I know
I want you so
I still love you
And it drives me insane

Sleep walk
Every night
I just sleep walk
It's come back
And when you
Walk inside the door
I will sleep walk no more

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Sleepwalk - 7/25/1999 - Woodstock 99 East Stage (Official)

Jeff Beck - Sleep Walk

Joe Satriani - Sleep Walk

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